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Equipped with an M.A. and a B.A. in English literature, I have been an ad agency editor and proofreader for 15 years and a university professor and high school teacher of English and English as a Foreign Language for 15 years. In addition, I am a resume writer, speech writer/editor, blogger, voice-over, Spanish language meet-up organizer, and music student: I’m getting a degree in music [vocal] performance. And I have been to 26 countries and love to travel.

Back in 2008, my life was getting a little routine and I was growing tired of hearing about Angelina Jolie´s world travels before she met Brad, so I decided to shake up my life in Chicago. Having lived in Japan and Switzerland for more than three years and traveling to several countries during that period, I concluded that you can take the girl out of the international but you can´t take the international out of the girl.

After getting my master´s degree back in 1991, I had wanted to live in Spain — it seemed like a fascinating country and I was always the best student in my Spanish classes — but landed a job in Japan, where I wound up working from 1992-1995. Then, during the summer of 1995, I taught at TASIS (The American School in Switzerland). Afterward, I was an adjunct faculty member at Columbia College and Roosevelt University but changed my career to advertising because being assured I would get classes to teach each semester was unpredictable but not as unpredictable, I would soon learn, as advertising, where I was laid off four times.

The fourth layoff prompted me to attend the Instituto Cervantes in Chicago to brush up on my Spanish. While volunteering in the Instituto library, I learned about a job in Spain and working for a year in Madrid and San Sebastian, traveling to many cities in Spain, and visiting a few other countries.


Thanks, Angie!

Hallie Belt, www.beltstyles.com

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International Girl in Spain is my humorous and real take about the year (2009-2010) I spent teaching English in Spain, as well as my travels to different cities and countries while I was there.

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