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Before the School Bell Rings

Hola a Todos,

On Sunday, my roommate (Maddy) and I went to a huge flea market located in the La Latina neighborhood, a 10-minute walk from our condo. Lots of people were sitting outside restaurants, drinking and eating, and many had had the same idea to find bargains at all the booths along the street. We walked along, scanning the items, talking all the while, her showing me this and that, and then we went into an antique shop and furniture store. She knew the owner in the latter and chatted with him.

Then we returned to the condo to use the ladies’ room (okay, I speak for myself here), and I decided to venture out again by myself, with the map but not really looking at it, thinking I could find the place again. I did eventually, but not without some effort. More exercise for me, I suppose. I wanted to go because I hadn’t gotten the opportunity to look at all of the jewelry, clothes, paintings, drawings, etc., not that I had planned to buy anything because of obvious reasons. There was a small drawing of a female flamenco dancer that I liked, so I’m keeping that in mind for payday. Well, maybe a few paydays from now.

Next, because Maddy and I had seen only the outside of it the previous day, I ventured into a big white tent located in the middle of the huge Plaza Mayor. The exhibit? Argentina in Madrid, so of course, I was interested in seeing what Argentina has to offer — and this experience might help me bypass actually having to travel to Argentina. Inside was jewelry, belts, furs, food, and drink. There was a line which aroused my curiosity: I discovered that everybody was waiting to be served about 2 drops of, red wine from, I assume, Argentina. Actually, it was more like 2 tablespoons, but I didn’t think it was worth it. I swear, people love anything that’s free, even if it is only 2 drops. The tent was hot, so I left.

I decided to do what seems to be my new hobby: go to the grocery store. So far, Maddy has given me 150 euros, and I have spent it on groceries for us and still have some to spare. I forgot to tell you my other new hobby: washing the dishes. I admit that I normally hate washing the dishes at home in Chicago. I have several friends who know my dismay at washing dishes; however, here, I immediately wash, rinse, dry, and put away every dish I use. I haven’t lived with anyone for 17 years, so I want to ensure I’m a good roommate. I don’t ever want Maddy saying to her friends, “Yeah, well you should hear about my roommate. What a pig. She leaves the dishes out, never makes her bed, watches TV all the time. I’m ready to kick her out of the country.” She might say something else, but she’ll never be caught saying that.

On Sunday night, after Maddy and I had eaten dinner, she wanted to watch a famous show about 4 couples called something like “The Beautiful People Have Lots of Problems, So Tune In”…in Spanish. I never figured out the real title of the show and didn’t really care what it was, as I couldn’t understand what was going on, but I can’t understand these shows in English. Although the acting looked good (funny how, even though it’s a different language, you can usually tell whether or not the acting is good), I gave up and went to bed.


International Girl in Spain

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